Tips for Best Deals on Universal Studios Packages 2018

Tips for Best Deals on Universal Studios Packages 2018

Tips for Best Deals on Universal Studios Packages 2018

Many people assume that it’s terrible expensive to visit Universal Studios Orlando. The truth is that it can be – but it doesn’t have to be. By following a few simple tips, you can get great deals on a package to visiting Universal Studios in 2018.

Buy your tickets ahead of time

One of the best ways to save money on Universal Studios Packages 2018 is to make sure you’re not buying your Universal Studios tickets at the gate. No matter which park you’re visiting, you can save as much as $20 per ticket by buying in advance. What’s more, when you buy online, you don’t have to waste time at the parks standing in line to buy your ticket. Buy base tickets for Universal Islands of Adventure and / or Universal Orlando and upgrade them at the parks if necessary.

Skip the value meals if they’re not a good value

When you visit Universal Studios, you’ll find that many of the quick service restaurants list all their food options in combo packages. These come with the main entrée you’re ordering, plus a side like chips or frees and a fountain drink. If you want all three then the package will save a few cents. If you don’t, then it’s cheaper to just order what you want. Remember that Universal Studios Orlando tickets don’t require you to eat in the parks – you can bring your own food in too. Just check the park you’re visiting’s website to get specifics of what isn’t acceptable. For example, hard coolers and alcohol are typically prohibited.

Have groceries delivered to your hotel room or vacation home

While you can save a decent amount of cash by ordering a la carte instead of always ordering combo meals, if you want to maximize your savings then you may want to have groceries delivered to your room. There are actually several different options as you search for companies who deliver groceries. You can order online and get exactly what you want for much less than you’d pay to eat the same food in a local restaurant.

Consider all your transportation options                                            

Are you planning to rent a car? Depending on where you stay and what your needs are, this may be the best option – but it may not. Remember that it costs nearly $20 per day to park at Universal Islands of Adventure or Universal Orlando. Remember that some hotels charge for parking. Remember too that parking can be a pain. Perhaps you’d rather choose a Universal Studios Package that includes free shuttles to and from the parks, or you can rely on taxis or ride share options. They may sound expensive but when you compare them to the cost of renting a car, parking it, and fueling it, you may come out ahead.

Stay in an affordable hotel or vacation home

There are a lot of factors that may point toward booking an expensive hotel. For example, at several of the on-site Universal Studios packages, you’ll find that Express Pass is included or that extra hours are available. However, these hotels can cost $100s of dollars more per night than other more affordable options off site. If you’re traveling with a group, considering renting an Orlando vacation home, which offers extra room, a full kitchen, private pool, and much more.

Bring your own stroller

Can you rent a stroller at Universal Studios? You sure can but it will cost you. Current prices start at $15+ per day for a single stroller. If you need a double stroller, the lowest you can expect to pay is $31. That can cost more than it costs to rent a car! The good news is that there are solutions. First, you can bring a stroller from home. If that’s too much of a hassle, then rent a stroller from one of the many companies that will deliver it directly to your Orlando hotel or vacation home rentals.

Only buy souvenirs if they’re exceptional

We don’t believe that you necessarily need to skip the souvenirs altogether, but if you do want one, make sure that it’s special. For example, why buy a stuffed animal or Universal t-shirt in the parks when you can buy the exact same one for a fraction of the price online? In short, if you fall in love with something that can only be found in the parks then go for it. Otherwise, buy it when you get home. Remember that simply keeping your Universal Studios Orlando tickets may be a souvenir enough.

Bring your military ID

If you’re part of the United States military then you’ll want to bring your ID. Whether you’re active or retired, you can get significant discounts at hotels, on Universal Studios tickets, and more. Some of the discounts apply only to you while others are good for up to six people. If you’re not sure if a discount is available, just ask!

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